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The Good Behavior Game (GBG) - Success in the Classroom & Beyond

Success in the Classroom & Beyond

The Good Behavior Game (GBG) is a team-based classroom behavior management strategy designed for   early grades, helping children master the role of student and be successful at the demands of the classroom.

  • Benefits for Teachers

    In GBG classrooms there is less off-task and aggressive behavior which means that teachers dedicate more time to instruction.

  • Benefits for Students

    Students who play the GBG are less likely to need behavioral services, less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, and have lower suicide and depression.

  • Integrates into School Day

    Teachers use GBG during the regular school day. It does not compete with instructional time and seamlessly integrates into the school day.

The AIR Approach to Training & Support

The AIR approach to implementing GBG is grounded in research on adult learning and professional development. We provide a comprehensive, hands-on approach to training: group-based teacher and coach trainings, on-site coaching, and program oversight to help teachers achieve positive results.

“The Good Behavior Game had a huge impact on my students’ work ethic. Through the implementation of the Good Behavior Game, I saw my students become more independent in their work and they were more productive because of the structure put in place. I’m excited to continue with it this year!”

Second Grade Teacher - Truesdell Education Campus, Washington, DCSecond Grade TeacherTruesdell Education Campus, Washington, DC

Good Behavior Game Coaching Process Good Behavior Game Coaching Process

  • Collection

    Teacher and coach record data.

  • Reflection

    Teacher and coach review GBG data.

  • Practice

    Apply strategies in classrooms.

  • Conference

    Teacher and coach share data.

  • Scaling Up

    Our goal is to build local capacity to scale up and sustain GBG by training local personnel to become GBG coaches.

  • Ongoing Support

    The end-goal is for all teachers to sustain GBG in their classroom without further coaching support; to become self-directed users.

The GBG Team

Meet the Team

Our GBG Team represents the integration of research and technical assistance. Our team of experts delivers high quality trainings and ongoing support for implementation that are tailored to the needs of teachers, schools, and districts.

Meet the Team

The GBG Team
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